Strategic documents

OTRA cooperates with International organizations to develop best practice guidelines and project documents:

  • Sensitivity mapping or oil spill response – (IPIECA / OGP / IMO, 2011) – See Link to JIP 12 on the Oil Spill Response Project web site  (Section « Completed products »)
  • Mediterranean Oil Spill Waste Management Decision Support Tool (REMPEC, 2009 with Cedre) – See on REMPEC website
  • Study for the management of oily wastes generated by the cleaning operations of the Lebanese coast following the oil spill of JIYEH (Project funded by the French Ministry of Finances and Industry FASEP, FASEP Decision 16th May 2007, Final report, December 2007, Report n° A 47825/B with Cedre and Antea)
  • Project Implementation Plans for the implementation of National oil spill response capabilities (Angola, 2003 & Mauritania, 2004) for the International Maritime Organization (IMO)