Oil Spill Response Application (OSRA)

OSRA is a set of tools designed to assist oil spill responders.

It is designed to run as a stand-alone application, e.g. from a USB stick, and therefore does not require any installation.

It consists of 4 modules, each allowing to perform a specific task.
Units converterCalculating oil slick trajectory
Quantifying oil on waterCalculations of dispersant application rates for ships

Blow-out Response strategy

OTRA has developed a tool allowing to define the response strategy to a blowout incident.  Taking into account the flowrate of the blowout, mobilization times for well response resources and the behaviour of the oil, the user can simulate the amount of oil remaining at the sea surface, after adjusting the the amount of oil spill resources needed for the response.  It also calculates the amount of dispersant needed for the response.