Training and awareness are essential part of an efficient and safe response capability. To meet your training programme objectives, OTRA proposes a set of training courses in line with international guidelines (IMO – IPIECA – IOGP) and operational feedbacks from previous emergency events to ensure that personnel involved in the response will:

  • Enhance / reinforce your knowledge
  • Be able to assume specific emergency response positions and improve related skills
  • Develop proper position-related attitudes in the Incident Command Post and on site
  • Be able to face challenges and facilitate organisational response strategies and tactics changes depending on emergency evolution
  • Ensure Health and Safety of all operations will be anticipated whatever the location

All courses can be run in English, French and Portuguese.

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IMO – OPRC training

IMO / OPRC level 1

For onshore and offshore responders, team leaders and site supervisors

IMO / OPRC level 2

For Incident Management Teams and all who want to improve their oil spill response knowledge

IMO / OPRC level 3

For Crisis Management Teams

Specialised and technical courses

Aerial survey

Launch, carry-out and report on aerial observation to guide response operations and assess oil quantity on the water and oil slick behaviour


Assessment of extent and degree of oiling and efficiency of clean_up operations to support on site protection and clean-up

Management of Oily Wastes 

Be able to manage oily wastes resulting from clean-up operations 

Be able to develop a specific management plan during preparedness phase

Claims and Compensation

Scope of International Conventions related to liability and compensation.

Claims submission process and criteria for admissibility

IMS 300

IMS 300 provides an in-depth focus on the Incident Management System (IMS) that includes the tools, practices, and procedures that are available in ICS to effectively manage emergency incidents

“Train the trainer”

Train the trainers allows your company to develop your internal training and awareness and refresh session