Sensitivity mapping

To support the development of oil spill contingency plans, OTRA develops dedicated Sensitivity Mapping adapted to users needs for offshore, coastal and onshore environment.

  • Strategic maps to assist decision-makers in the definition of the overall response strategy, including setting up priorities for protection of the most sensitive areas at national or regional levels (mobilised for Tier II and Tier III oil spills only).
  • Sensitivity and Logistics and Operations maps to assist Incident Management Teams and On-Scene Commanders in the development of response tactics and the management of response operations on site.
  • Site protection plans and Site clean-up worksite set-up for response team leaders.

To develop relevant and efficient sensitivity maps and identify most sensitive sites, requiring priority for protection, OTRA collects, analyzes, processes and archives all information in professionnal geographic databases using dedicated Geographic Information System (ArcGis, Mapinfo, or other).

Why trust OTRA with sensitivity mapping projects ?

OTRA developed the “Sensitivity mapping for oil spill response”: the “Good practice” guideline, which was published by IPIECA Oil Spill Working Group and the IMO OPRC HNS Technical Group.