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OTRA’s services are backed-up by over 20 years of worldwide experience in the business, encompassing all aspects of the profession.

Jean-Yves HUET formed OTRA in 1995. Since its inception, OTRA has focused on delivering consultancy services for oil spill preparedness and response to a wide range of global organisations.

In 2002, Le Floch Depollution, the renowned French oil spill response company, acquired a 34% equity stake in OTRA. Through this relationship OTRA is able to provide additional services including oil spill clean-up operations, to oil spill response equipment procurement, shoreline surveys and monitoring, waste disposal advice and waste treatment.
OTRA has developed  tools for oil spill response.

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The Team

Jean-Yves HUET
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJean-Yves HUET was employed by by the Centre de Documentation, de Recherche et d'Expérimentations sur les pollutions accidentelles des eaux - (CEDRE, in France) from 1985 to 1990.

He then moved on to join the International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation Ltd ( ITOPF) as a Senior Technical Advisor from 1990 to 1995.

He then created OTRA in 1995, and has been acting as Managing Director of the company ever since. OTRA is a French registered company, specializing in Oil Spill Response and Preparedness  Consultancy. 

His experience includes responding to numerous oil spill incidents worldwide (over 40 incidents on site), to Contingency Planning, Training and exercises, etc.
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piclindsayOil spill technical advisor, Trained as a coastal geographer, Lindsay Page-Jones has joined OTRA in February 2003. Since then, he has participated in various activities: oil spill contingency planning, training and exercise sessions, oil spill contingency plans development seminars at national level, Project Implementation Plan for oil spill response capabilities of countries, development of “Train the Trainers” material, development of coastal sensitivity Geographical Information System, development of web site for oil spill response, participation in oil spill response operations. Since 2010, Lindsay is oil spill response advisor for Total E&P Angola.

He joined OTRA in 2003 and has since been involved in all aspects of oil spill preparedness and response. He currently acts as Oil Spill Advisor for Total EP Angola, working on a rotation basis, and on duty 24/7 while in Angola.
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Christophe CARRIE
CC-SmallTrained as a coastal environmental and GIS engineer, Christophe Carrié has participated in various activities since 2004: taking part in oil spill response operations (supervision and cleaning operations) and preparedness (contingency plans, workshop and training course), development of coastal sensitivity maps from Geographical Information System tools, development of web sites for oil spill response.

Since 2013, Christophe works for the environment department of French oil company Total Exploration & Production and is in charge of auditing the oil spill capabilities of the affiliates, and delivering training and exercises.
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