Strategic documents & Guidelines.

International organisations and private companies trusted in us for the development of strategic documents & guidelines shared to public or used internality for preparedness and response phases.

With several decades of experience by participating to several oil spill responses on the field and in emergency cells and by developing Contingency plans for various customers (private and public) , OTRA has acquired a solid background to consolidate good and best practices in Strategic documents & Guidelines.

Sensitivity mapping for oil spill response

Developed for IPIECA-IMO-IOGP.

Guidelines included in the “Good Practice” series produced by the Oil Spill Working Group (IPIECA) and the OPRC HNS Technical Group (IMO).

Mediterranean Oil Spill Waste Management Guidelines andDecision Support Tool

Developed for REMPEC and endorsed by IMO.

Guidelines and tool to establish or review national oil spill waste management policies.

Spill Impact Mitigation Assessment SIMA method and tool

Developed for Total oil company.

Methodological framework to assist in choosing adequate tactics for offshore oil spills, and response plans or restoration alternatives for onshore and inland spills.

Oil Spill Response Application OSRA

OTRA developed an Oil Spill Response Application (OSRA), usable from internet or directly from a memory stick as a stand-alone application.   Four Modules are included, and others are under development.

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Unit Converter

The module provides conversion between any units relevant to oil spill response operations.

Oil Slick Trajectory

The module estimates the oil slick drifting speed and direction, based on wind and current data in the area of the response operations.

Oil Quantification

Based on the Bonn Agreement Oil Appearance Code (BAOAC), the module estimates the quantity of oil at the sea surface, based on observations (from aerial surveillance, satellite imagery).

Dispersant Application

The module allows adjusting speed of vessels and dispersant pump flowrate for a proper dispersant:oil ratio (DOR). It also calculates the quantity of oil dipsersed and dispersant needed for spraying operations with several ships.